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NVIDIA C51 or GeForce 6100 CHIPSET

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NVIDIA announced today the introduction of an Integrated Graphics chipset for the AMD Athlon 64 processor. The GeForce 6100, the new NVIDIA chipset, brings a number of firsts to the market. According to NVIDIA:
The GeForce 6100 series is the first 90nm GPU to hit the market.
The nForce 400 series Southbridges, which are combined with the 6100 Northbridge, are the first NVIDIA chips to support Azalia (HD Audio).
The GeForce 6100 is the first to support high-definition video while still providing customers the ability to offer component-out, composite-out and S-Video-out jacks right on the backplane.
First UMA (memory sharing) solution to support both DirectX 9.0 and Shader Model 3.
Optimized for digital media applications such as Daz Studio and Pinnacle Studio 10, along with mainstream games such as Sims2 and Lego Star Wars.
Boards are all micro-ATX, and many manufacturers plan living room/convergence boxes that look more like video/hifi components than computers.
Chipsets are now available to OEMs for board manufacturing and system building. Motherboards and Systems should be available for sale in early October.

Here are the Specs:


I had the news a few dyas, but didn't feel like posting

The new chipset from Nvidia is a welcome in AMD plateform, as the value catagory of AMD CPU, which included semprons & athlon 64 2800+ based on socket 754 is dominated by SiS 756 chipet, but they are directX 7 class only, this will atleast let the people play games casually in a better way

The GPU has purevideo decoding capability, which a for the first time in any onbaord GPu, other then Via EPIA Mini-ITX which has capability of decoding mpeg-2

it will be a boon for those who are making low cost AMD casual home PCs or cyber cafe PCs or HTPC, as the onboard gfx will be very helpful, combined with Intel HD Audio, upto 7.1 channel support, now thats something which can rival upto audigy 2 level,& better then Live series

with a low cost Micro-ATX motherboard having no PCI-E slot at all, Amd Sempron 64 bit 2800+ socket 754, this can bring the cost of AMD PCs really down, as one of the reason, for the low adoptation of Athlon64 here in india is that it requires an immidiate investment in AGP/PCI-E based GPU, with this people will have an option to go for really good "Quality" graphics with options to update later. After all the name "Nvidia" is famous these days here
That's great news. I'm looking to build a home theatre pc exclusively for living room use. Now only if I could lay my hands on a silent fanless and well designed micro atx cabinet.



You just got lucky since they are already up with the board and they are available both on the s754 and the s939 platforms. MSI seems the first to come up with the new boards and we can expect them soon in the Indian market since MSI has not so bad sales here. Check this link for all the goodies and specs. Price is what i liked the most(around 120$, hope it aint much costlier in here when they are available), the entry level version based on s939 platform would be having the integrated graphics along with an addition pci-e 16x slot for future upgrades. Ideal choice no doubt for home theatre PCs. So now when they are available in India, the CPU+Mobo+Graphics combo can be completed within 13k. Thats quite affordable considering what it has on offer.


Biostar motherboard are also available from today, & they are available for as low as $80 on newegg

Biostar motherboards are rebranded & sold by the brand name krypton here, which are known to have low price, this is really going to stirr the value AMD market

I hear the computer walas say

"AMD ka naya motherboard aaya hai, with geforce 6 onboard graphics", & lot of confusion to the people that thill will be better then 6200, also though buying a 6200 over onboard is useless in this case


i guess this will mean s-754 has a new lease of life which is gr8 news for ppl like me who had to go for it due to lack of good onboard on s -939(had not heard about rs 480 then) while sacrificing pcie and sata -2.
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