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i have a nvdia4 mx-4000 card.when i installed brothers in arms ,it installed succesfully,but when i run the game screen goes black but the menu sound plays.when i checked the requirements it says mx cards are not supported.i was disappointed very much why i had puchased that card :cry: .is there any way i can play it?


a soft comes 3d can let u play the game....but even at lowest settings this game will not be at playable fps.


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U can go in for a medium range card like that of an nVIDIA Ge Force FX 5200 (128 MB) and u can play most of today's games..... :)

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i had a mx4000 dude .. i had the exact same feeling when SoT refused to run ... thats when i bought a 9200 .. its the cheapest alrternative .... i got only one thing to say .. get a new card .. preferably a 6200 agp8x ...

btw forget about emulating softwares .... they suck bigtime .... it'll just ruin the game ....
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