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On an quick note, my daughter instantly need a light weight, max thin, carriable-handy laptop for medical study.

She require to browse medical study clipings on various sites and you tube; min 2-3 hours per day.

Also, CD reading & class notes reading in a long hours day to day activity.

Ultrabook/notebook should be handy require to carry and operate anywhere easily. Long battery back up & Screen reflection quality should be at par as required for long hours reading on lappy.

Budget - thinking to invest max 30k but not limited.

Pl suggest asap, ok with online shooping. Thanks.


only reading and clippings viewing ? then netbook is the way to go.

small, light, easy to carry around in handbags .....with longer battery life than normal laptops.
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wait till some more members to pour in some more details.
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thanks icebag. its good option indeed.

well, seeing specs now I feel better go with min 4GB RAM, 500TB & preferably i-5 3/4th Gen processor. She need to read/write bulky medical notes thru' pen drive (USB) & CD/DVD & may be some time memory card.

Inclined towards HP, Dell or Lenovo though no issue with Ausus.

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go to flipkart, click electronics > laptops > LAPTOP BRANDS (all brands) > select checkbox "Type Netbook".

CD dvds dont come with netbooks, to keep their size weight small. she will need to use an external cd/dvd drive if she really needs one. to say, who uses these optical disks nowadays, when everything is done with usb / cloud ?

another thing, higher the spec means, lower the battery backup ...... a celeron dual / quad core may sound slow, but they are good enough for documenting / reading / browsing, anyways they may not play full HD video.

also, whatever u get, an option to expand memory to 4 gb is recommended.
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