not able to delete


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i recently bought an acer laptop(5745G)...whenever i try to delete something(even pictures) it says tat i dont have administrator rights..there is only one account and i am the administrator...ther r no viruses ..wat s the problem??


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Check if the problems arise due to your firewall settings of your antivirus. I faced a similar problem because Quickheal Firewall was preventing me from deleting it. Try uninstalling the firewall (if any) and then try deleting the files.


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Give your user account the administrator rights...or reset the admin rights on the files in ur pc in the security option...


my name defines me
it worked....actually little intelligent antivirus(LIA) was blockin it.....and moreover unlocker is not workin on windows 7..i used lockhunter to find it...

thanks a lot guys
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