Non Smart and non 3D 46" or 55" Full HD TV?

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Non Smart and non 3D 46" or 55" Full HD TV?

Hi Guys,

I am from Chennai and planning to buy a TV which I would like to keep for another 5 to 7 years. I have been going through this forum and the number of people who plan to purchase 55" is very less and find posts related to it very less hence this post.

EMI is going to be the mode of purchase.

Following are my requirements

1. 46" or 55" Full HD.
2. Sony preferred, but other brands would be fine if support and picture quality are good.
3. Viewing distance is 8'.
4. Don't need smart or 3d.
5. Would like to keep the TV for another 5 to 7 years.
6. Onsite service is a must and would prefer to choose brand based on this.
7. Budget cannot cross 1.5L. My budget was 85K but with EMI as an option have extended the budget.

Please suggest me which size of TV and which brand would be good.

Also does anyone knows shops/showrooms in Chennai which give you traditional cheque based EMI or ECS based EMI ?

The TVs which I had in mind were...
Sony KDL-47W850A
Sony KDL-55W850A

But both the above are Smart, 3D and hence the cost. I wish Sony gave an option without Smart and 3D.

Also I am seeing a "LLOYD L50 UHD 50 Inches Ultra HD LED Television" at snapdeal and is relatively very cheap to current UHD models. Costs 99k INR. What do you guys think ?

Today had a look at both Sony and Samsung across 4 stores. It's a tough decision to choose between.

So coming to you guys.... Sony 850 series vs Samsung 6 series. Which is good on picture quality alone ?


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Re: Non Smart and non 3D 46" or 55" Full HD TV?

for 8ft you don't need 55 incher it will be too large 46 inch will do.Samsung 46F8000 fits your bill.

Are you open for other company?
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