Nokia 6600 question

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Is there an attachment available for the Nokia 6600 wherein it can be plugged to a cmptr & files transferred.
If not.
Is there any good Nokia Cell which enables browsing,& has a Digital camera installed [video recorder would be a plus but not necessary].


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Attachments ? ? !! Dude the 6600 has Bluetooth and IR, get a IR or a BT dongle. Get the fone suite and start xferring data !


ur kiddin me right ?
like blade said it already has IR bluetooth
u can get a cable to connect it as well check where u bought the phone from
what do u been by browsing ? if ur talkin abt surfing the net then all these phones are gprs and wap enabled u need to get ur service provider to activate it for u


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Well actually theres is a way by which u can browse the net even if the service provider is not giving it....yes u can use WAP....
Its too simple...u need a data cable ( no infrared or Gprs please this time , as u can xechange only images and application with them ) ..configure your pc as a host comp and make a direct cconnection ...updater software and u are dont...then u can assign the Ip address same as in the network configuration and Volia have net on your connection even if the service provider is not providing it....
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