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no display when starting p.c no bios nothing

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hi today i was watching a movie on my p.c when it suddenly froze.so i restarted it but then i got no display, not even bios screen.the monitor shows a message "no display".
i shutdown the p.c and checked the connections, then started the p.c. again same thing.
monitor says no display but my cpu is running, all fans are running i can feel my hdd also.my graphic card fan is also running.so i shutdown my p.c and take out a ram stick.then it starts loads windows. when it has completely loaded windows and i am on my desktop it again freezes, mouse has no reaction keyboard also no reaction infact when i press caps lock key the light on the keyboard does not blink.after that till now it has not started and no display.
pls help me.
my config is- intel p4 2.8gz h.t proc, intel 915gav mobo, mercury 8600gt graphic card, 2x 1gb transcend ddr 400 ram. seagate 320gb hdd, seagate 250gb hdd., a dvd writer and a cd writer. my smps is enterage 450w.

in case my mobo is dead pls suggest a mobo which can support my processor.


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If removing one RAM stick worked, check wid others too.

I would say, check ur SMPS...

I had d same experience one month back, in my case it was concluded dat my MOBO is dead...


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i tried the following-
tried all my ram sticks on a friends p.c one at a time they all are working fine on his system.
all fans of smps, graphic card are working.
took out all the connectors and plugged them again.
i cleaned my p.c, blow the dust.
removed cmos battery.put again.no result.
took out graphics card and tried to use the motherboards onboard graphic for display.still nothing.

all the above did not work. only one time my pc started(i think out of luck) but again froze when i played a video.it froze and when i restarted again no display no bios nothing.
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