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newbie to printer....


YESTERDAY I BOUGHT CANON PIXMA IP 1200 for INR 1300 it came with one color cartrige,,,,,

and on internet its said average life of cartrige is 100 prints only,, n the cost of color n b/w cartriges of canon are damm costly, this printer has two slots one for color n one for bw cartrige, and its compulsary for color catrige to work , else printer will not work, bw cartrige is optional, n if u put two cartridges u can select /swap between them.

My ques is ,

should i buy original or duplicate/ refilled bw cartrige,

should i refill my color cartrige, bw cartrige after they get over or should i always buy original ones,,,

whats life of this printer like how many prints can it handle coz since it has moving parts they are bound to get corrozed with time n use,,, and its small printer,,,


Go for refill if the Ink Brand is good, for this you have to ask SHOPs and Friends who are using refill brands. Also check the Print yourself.

Refilling of Blank Ink is Good. Not know much abt colored ones.
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