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new user. Help me to lownload the "Power supply cookbook" form google book.

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Right off the assembly line
Hi....to everyone,
am the new 2 this web.
i have struggled to download the google book "POWER SUPPLY COOKBOOK" pdf fromthe google book.
It can't directly download.
there is some other way to download.
Pls helpme to download .


Right off the assembly line
To down load this book, we have to use rapidshare books website. and rar password cracker download.
If u know about this pls telme.
I don't know how to do.


You can download the book only if its copyright has expired. If its not, then downloading it, and by extension, this thread, is illegal.


Legen-wait for it-dary!
Still explain clearly. You mean you found a link on rapidshare about that power supply cookbook, and its a rar file. But you dont know the password so you want to use rar password cracker, right? If its what you need, then this thread is as good as closed, since you're asking about downloading and using illegal material. If its not what you need, explain clearly. Use proper english.
Not open for further replies.
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