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New Samsung LED SA300 Tilt & Viewing Angle


Broken In
Migrating from a CRT, I just brought this monitor, Samsung LED S19A300N (SA300)..

Installed the monitor stand & everything as per the instructions in the manual and set it on my desktop. But the monitor looks as if it's bending downwards, especially more so when I am standing in front. Is there any way this monitor screen can be tilted up and down on it's stand. I have tried applying a bit of force but it doesn't seem to move. Afraid to use any more force without knowing if it can definitely be done.

Another thing is the viewing angle from my point of view. noticed that when I move around or looking at the screen from extreme height or extreme down, the screen colors changes to the point that the screen becomes unreadable. Is this normal for led monitors. There is something called magic angle in the software (MagicTune) that came along with the monitor CD; set it to group view. Now it is a bit better but the colors still change as I move around. Something like this never happened with my old CRT.


1) This monitor stand is a fixed type. You can't tilt/rotate it.
2) It is normal for LED/LCD to see colour changes at angles, even though they claim in newer LEDs it is less.


Broken In
Thanks Anand, the monitor stand does kind of suck considering it's a new model. I placed a cut sponge piece from the monitor packing under the stand so it looks a bit better now without showing. Under the link I quoted in the first post, Tech Specs > Stand > Function > Tilt. What is that ! False advertisement or am I misunderstanding them..
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