New monitor and TV Tuner


Hi Guys,
I was planning to buy a LED TV for myself. I'm a bachelor living in Pune. But now I'm on budget and don't want to buy another unit apart from my PC as I have to shift lot of times. So decided to buy a TV Tuner card along with good monitor. Please tell me that whether I should buy a internal TV tuner or external one?? Also I have shortlisted 2 monitors:

1. Dell S series S2340L 23 inch Monitor (IPS Panel, VGA and HDMI ports) (7ms response time with overdrive)
2. Dell UltraSharp U2312HM 23 inch Monitor (IPS Panel, DVI, VGA, Display and USB ports) (8ms response time)

Please suggest one of them. Also suggest me some good TV tuner cards. If I get external card, do I need to poweron my PC whenever I want to watch a TV? Also if I want to connect TATA Sky HD do I need a monitor with HDMI Port?


BMG ftw!!
For tata sky HD you won't be needing TV tuner card. Use HDMI port ofrom the set-top box, and connect the monitor directly.
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