New King of Value - AMD64 3100+ Sempron

Discussion in 'CPU / Motherboards' started by Geforce, Dec 26, 2004.

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    The AMD64 3100+ Sempron is the new performance king at a value and easy upgradeability options later.

    :idea: Before jumping into the 64-Bit bandwagon ... lets first evaluate the number of 64-Bit applications an average computer user will use

    1) 64-bit Windows 2003
    2) 64-Bit Linux
    3) 64-Bit Unreal Tournament on 64-Bit Linux
    4) 64-Bit @@##??

    :arrow: Lets be honest ... an average user won't be using such apps until the end of next year at the very least. By then very high end AMD64 would be selling like dirt. So buying an AMD64 3700+ to run in 32-bit modes right now is an expensive deal.

    :arrow: I am seeing that people are buying AMD64 processors because it provides unconditional love for performance and especially in gaming. What if you could get this performance at a lower price and keep upgradeability open.

    :idea: Enter the era of AMD64 3100+ Sempron

    Based on the Socket 754 design it performs on par with AMD64 2800+.
    Look at these benchmarks

    Let me state some facts now:-

    :arrow: AMD64 3100+ Sempron is NOT A 64-bit processor
    :arrow: Fits only socket 754 and not socket 939 right now.
    :arrow: It is based on the Newcastle core
    :arrow: It has only 256Kb of Cache memory
    :arrow: It does support on-chip memory controller in single channel (64-bit) mode

    So the deal is buy an AMD64 3100+ Sempron with socket 754 motherboard enjoy its performance and then after a year or two when 64-bit gets really into the mainstream upgrade to AMD64 3700+ or so.

    :idea: If AMD releases more CPUs for Socket 754 ie. higher than currently available AMD64 3700+ it would be an icing on the cake.
    :idea: If AMD releases a Socket 939 Sempron .... it would be a cherry on the cake.

    AMD64 3100+ Sempron has not yet made into Nehru Place (Delhi) :( . I think if it is less than or around 5K then it is worth it otherwise for 6.5K your can get AMD64 2800+ with real 64-bit functionality.


    If anyone knows the price of this processor do post.
  2. gxsaurav

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    Sempron is available in Lucknow, but only Socket 754 Sempron 2800+, that too hard to find, the 2.4 GHz Prescott is all the rage, & there is a still a big stock of AthlonXP 3000+ & 2800+
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