New Call of Duty for 2013 confirmed


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Whatever they are making new engine or no new engine if the multiplayer is bad then it will be a just another 4 hour cod game.


I am not sure which one is responsible but they did screwed DA series and ME series. Also MOH series is going to die, they killed Pandemic Studios and some more. Its not like I have a grudge with them, but they do bad business at best. I would say that for sure.

Yeah I thought the DA change was bad, but its all personal opinion, I've seen a lot of people liking the game. ME, the ending was messed up, but didn't the rest of the game live up to the previous two titles? and they added the multiplayer which proved a lot of whiners wrong and turned out to be pretty addictive.
MOH, yeah I agree, hope they learn the lesson with this, not to be so desperate to kill another game. Killed Pandemic yes, we would never know the real reasons. Also, wasn't the SOCOM developer shut down by Sony who were clearly more talented than Pandemic. Stuff like this happens all the time in business. Believe it or not, the developer of PS3's Journey ThatGameCompany was bankrupt before Journey's release, so its quite common.
Black Box's Pro Street and Undercover performed extremely poor critically and commercially, and it obvious that the studio was going be killed, but it wasn't, EA don't have to be the bad guy all the time. They have bought more number of original titles in the last few years than any other studio, what would you say about that? Every corporate company does crap like this(Valve too, steam doesn't allow second hand sales and ban people who do that, if I pay the full price for the game and own it why shouldn't I be allowed to sell it to somebody, they just get away with it due to the respect they have from the gamers), but they don't need to get all the pointless hate.


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Although I hate COD generally I did like Black Ops 2, multiple ending and customized guns FTW, make it like that and it'll be a hit.
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