Network attack!!!

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Broken In
I m using Kaspersky Internet Security 8. My computer is connected to Internet directly and the connection is shared by two other persons through my PC.I m getting some strange warnings by Kaspersky that there is a network UDP attack from some local machine having IP as or 68 or so and the computer cant be blocked because IP is spoofed.
Also my system gets restarted several times a day without any predictable reason.
Pls help me out...


Livin my Dreams
as far as i think it might be not an attack. as you said that the connection is shared through your PC so if they are using an application possibly P2P which use UDP and the traffic has to go through your PC so your internet security software might take that connection as an attack. as for the restarts you better run an deep virus scan for your PC with an good antivirus and kaspersky is antivirus is good.

hope that helps!!
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