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Need info on buying non geared scooter in nagpur

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Hello , i have been waiting for this since long time but now the wait is over i have finally convinced my parents to buy me a two wheeler ,

at first i wanted to buy a bike but due to licanceing and all issues i have narrowed down to non geared scooters .

the budgut is upto 45k +/- few ks and i am looking for a unisex design (not like scooty pep )

I have also narrowed down to these models

Honda Aviator
Honda Activa (not sure how is new Activa on and on)
...any other good?

please guys post your valuable suggestions

Also it should be intringly to know where can i find good deals in nagpur

thanks in advance


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Boy with a budget of 45K you want a non-geared scooter.I bet you are going to repent this decision all your life.Ok may be not all your life but then def through your teen days for sure.Especially when you have actually driven geared bikes and boy are the coming good these days.
And since when did getting License in Nagpur got Difficult.I thought all it takes were some 500 Odd Rupees for the Broker at Nagpur RTO office.Trust me they are in Droves waiting for someone to get the licence to drive.
Trust me...if you dont find a broker PM me and i will help you find one.


^ Licance for geared vehicle at just 16 , traffic babus are gonna catch me for sure .
i have got legal licance of non geared scooter now , and i have visited Honda Dealer yesterday (sudarshan motors near RBI ) and saw that activa was having waiting for 45 days , so i got Avaitor , :D the disc break version wasnt availeble so i took Drum version for 45670 w/ Accessories ,the dealer quoted that Disc could be later at any time .
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