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Need help with GPU Overheating


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My MSI GTX 560Ti twin Fozr II is reaching 100 degree :-?

I can't seem to determine the reasons for the same :|

I have cleaned it but still no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also is there any service centre in delhi where i can get it checked up?

Thanks in advance.


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MSI Service Centres in New Delhi :
MSI Service Centre – Lilaram Market, New Delhi
Name : Smartlink Network Systems Limited
Address : 418/428, 4th Floor, Plaza-ii, Lilaram Market, Maszid Mode, Sauthex Part-ii.
City : New Delhi
Area Name : Lilaram Market.
Phone Number : 011 2626 1178, 09650972191
Email-id : rma.north@smartlink.co.in, rahul.sindhu@smartlink.co.in

MSI Service Centre – Nehru Place, New Delhi
Name : Smartlink Network Systems Limited
Address : 410, 4th Floor, Modi Tower, Nehru Place.
City : New Delhi
Area Name : Nehru Place.
Phone Number : 40516509/26426504/26446523, 09971353335
Email-id : rma.nehruplace@smartlink.co.in, suraj.prakash@smartlink.co.in

MSI Service Centre – Wazirpur, New Delhi
Name : Astute Infotech Pvt Ltd
Address : Wazirpur, 331-A, Rajendra Jaina.
City : New Delhi
Area Name : Wazirpur.
Phone Number : 011-27372547
Email-id : astute2008@rediffmail.com

Toll Free Number: 1800 103 6262


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Probably thermal paste dried out. Contact any good PC shop or clean and apply yourself at your own risk!


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There's lots of videos on youtube about how to dismount gpu cooler. Watch a few [ you may find your cards exact heatsink removal process ]. Now apply some good TiM like Arctic MX-4, Antec nano diamond, Noctua Nt-H1 or CM X1.extreme fusion or Deepcool Z9/z5.
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