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Need help to resove my Electrified PC


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Hi Friends ,

I am suffering for electrified PC cabinet after sudden load work. When I play games or any application related major work then suddenly my PC freezes and then I touch my USB front panel or MOBO back plate then it give extreme electric shock .
My system config is Intel c i5 , GIGIBITE MOBO , Corsair XMS3 DDR3 4gb Ram , 1tb SATA HDD ,Cooler master 600 watt Extreme power plus model PSU .

Last month I have lost my previous MOBO & Processor due to same electrified pc.
Now for new MOBO and processor same thing happen.

I have already tested my 3 pin plug .All ok .

So Plz suggest me the right issue for Electric shock and dead pc.
Your home wiring may have this issue. Get the Earthing checked from a electrician.
Chances are, your power supply is also giving this issue. Other members can reply accordingly.
Make sure you have earthing in your home. Or at least earth the cabinet by hammering a nail in the wall and attaching a copper wire from the nail to one of the screws on the cabinet.
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