power supply

  1. Ssangeet

    Alternate PSU suggestion needed

    I bought Corsair CX550 2 years back but suddenly it is dead so i send it on RMA on 6th oct(through KAIZEN) I am not sure how much time will it take ? so thinking about buying 2nd PSU as without main pc work is affected.Do people really buy 2 PSUs? PC config GPU - GTX 1660ti CPU - R3600x MOBO -...
  2. H

    500W PSU/SMPS under Rs. 2000

    Hi guys, Please suggest a good PSU of 500W++ under ₹2500. Which has a 6-pin connector for graphic card and 8-pin connector for 12V ATX slot My config is: AMD FX8320 processor GIGABYTE LMT78 motherboard XFS R7850 graphic card 500GB HDD + 6GB RAM DVD RW
  3. V

    Need a new PSU as old one is dying. Please suggest.

    Hi Guys, It seems like my old CX 500 Corsair is dying so I would like to get a new PSU which can support my next upgrade as well. My current config is: i3 2120 Some Gigabyte MB 2x4GB DDR 3 MSI GTX 960 2GB OC Edition - Recently bought 2xSATA II 1 TB 1 DVD Writer/Reader I will be upgrading to...
  4. S

    Need help to resove my Electrified PC

    Hi Friends , I am suffering for electrified PC cabinet after sudden load work. When I play games or any application related major work then suddenly my PC freezes and then I touch my USB front panel or MOBO back plate then it give extreme electric shock . My system config is Intel c i5 ...
  5. A

    URGENT PSU help required.

    i5 4590 or I5 4670 + CM Hyper 212x + ASUS R9 280X + 8GB Corsair vengeance RAM + 2 x 1TB HDD + DVD writer + Asus h87 PLus + 2 X 140mm Cabinet fans + 3 x 120MM cabinet fans + APC 600VA UPS Please suggest an efficient and sufficient PSU for my rig. please note i will not be upgrading anything...
  6. G

    Suggest a good power supply for mid-range gaming under 4000

    Hi, I've been using a Cooler Master 600W (forgot the specific model name) for past 3 years, and it's been showing problems ever since i got it repaired by a local guy as a result of a failed overclocking attempt (I'm not much of a techie myself; plus it was out of warranty). It makes a...
  7. P

    which smps is better local 600 watt or branded 45watt?

    my system spec as follows: Cpu- amd phenom x4 9650 2.3ghz Vga- HIS HD6670 1gb gddr5 Ram- 2x2gb ddr2 HDD- 2Xsamsung 320gb psu- techcom 460watt dvd writer with motherboard asus m2n68-am plus. i want to upgrade my psu but i m confused which one is will be better. corsair vs450 is good for...
  8. akash1988

    What power supply should I get for my setup?

    I already have bought these: (4.5K is the max limit for the PSU) Intel Core i5 3450 Gigabyte B75M-D3H Motherboard G.Skill RipjawX 2x4GB RAM Sparkle NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti 1GB GDDR5 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD Cooler Master Elite 311 Cabinet I will be buying an Asus DVD-RW and add 1 or 2 fans in the...
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