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need help people.... nexus 5 exe problem..


i have downloaded couple of exe files from net on my nexus 5 which i intended to use on my computer.
when i try to view those files in my mobile they seem to b present.
bt when i connect my mobile to computer the files are absent over there in my pc...
i cant seem to find those exe files through my computer which i can see through my phone..
what could be the resaon for this???
need help people.
Enable the option to view hidden files in computer and then try

I'd it doesn't work then copy those exe files to a folder and open the folder properties and see if shows some mb's or not
If it shows then copy the folder and then open it and see


Right off the assembly line
You sure that they are not in your internal SD?
Use Airdroid or Wireless Data Cable or something like that to transfer it over wifi


Check whether those files are corrupted or not ? Moreover some time the files are for the mobile use and can't be seen on system but this is a very rare case the reason in your case might be infected file or not the ample storage space.
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