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Hello all members, greetings to all MODS.
I have being following TDF for quite a long time but never bothered to create an account until now.
I have a big and a bit serious question and need some help/ counsel regarding the future course to pick in my career.

I completed my BE in E&TC from a *not so known* college of engineering with 2 year drops i.e started in 2008 completed in 2014.
Then did CCNA(routing and switching) and CCNP ROUTE training
Joined a small company for 6 month working for hardware support for DELL Tech Direct
Then worked for 18 months as a contract employee in WNS as a system admin
Now working with Infosys BPM 8 months now {3.24 lac/year including of incentives}

I have completed my CCNA global certification and also have done training in RHEL

While my switch from WNS to Infosys i was hired for a process for NOC but they put me in transmission (working with optic fibers, SDH, PDH, etc. of which I had zero experience and knowledge). For first months I was in a deep shock that my career is doomed now. Later because of my hair-fall and difficulty in loosing weight prompted my family doctor to get my Thyroid checked and to my surprise I was having Hashimotos Thyroditis since time long back because of which I had a very very difficult time in my Academics especially in Engineering.

Now I am a lot better than earlier(thanks to hormone replacements), but still I have terrible mood swings for which I am on mood elevators and anti depressants for more than 3 months.

I want to do some course and learn new technology but I am very confused with it,
Seeing my experience with windows and Linux servers some suggest to go with Amazon AWS and MCSE.
seeing my CCNA certification some tell to go with CCNA security then Juniper
And thirdly some suggest to go with Hadoop.
I have 4 years of total experience

At this moment because of my long ailment I already missed 3 important years of life(I would be 30 next year) and still not settled in my career and earn very little as compared to my classmates/friends. It is very depressing and sometimes shaming from peers/ family even make it more worst.
I would be thankful if i get any insights into what line to go with, I am ready to work hard, put in money and efforts but the growing pressure from outside make me Impatient.
Thanks and Regards.
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If you keep looking at others, you will never feel ok. People earn more than you all the time. BE is an awesome degree to have and can settle your career. CCNA is a plus. In my opinion, with your current condition, do not over work yourself. Get yourself a decent job with growth prospectives. Why ruin everything in greed ? Ambition is good, but there is no end to it. Good luck
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i would like to say, don't change your job nature too much. like ccna doesn't go with hadoop etc.

based on your current experience, first draw out a career path. consult experienced people in that field. and stick to the goal, do whatever certification needed to improve in your nature of job. and don't ever stop improving your knowledge and skills.
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