need help in buying gaming ,multimedia laptop around 50k-55k



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Well it would be around 52-53 k if u convert directly,but since the dollar to rupees conversion doesn't work that simply here with all the import taxes and other stuff expect to pay around 55k(I think) for it.

but how i can buy it frm foriegn site? . . I want to knw the procedre . . Pls let me knw


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Dont go for lenovo nvidia gt555m in lenovo has 96 cores and in n55sf nvidia gt555m has 144 cores so go for asus if you are considering gt555m.

I know, but the budget isn't allowing.

@999 usdolors,
IdeaPad Y570
Laptop - 08622VU -
Dusk Black (with
750GB + 64GB
Solid State Drive
and USB 3.0):

how cn i get dat in india wid gud price . .they state it as 999dolors .
Cn i get dat around 50k

I had seen that lappi in a shop when I had to buy mine. The config isn't same at that of US site. Its available in two flavours-

1) i7 + GT555/750 = 56K (after a bit bargaining)

2) i5 + GT555/750 = 52/53K ( " " )


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@OP- If you want just just gaming performance, you'll have to compromise on backlit keyboard and 7200rpm HDD. Backlit is too rare, and 7200HDD is also not often seen. Anyways considering HP, AFAIK no company provides better GPU than it in the same or even a bit high range, competitors being GT555M ; plus don't forget heating problems with HP and its short-lasting (have seen so many HPs frying up after 2 yr or so. The Asus N55sf looks real good on papers and worthy too (considering 65k). Also there's a lenovo lappi with i7 + GT555M @ 56, but again no backlit and 7200HDD. Final call is yours.

I haven't experienced any heating problem till now (max temperature 74, same as my room-mate's XPS). Heating problems were there with older generation processors. Sandy-bridge cpus are very cool in comparison. The older generation XPS also got very hot ( most of the people in my cousin's hostel block have XPS, and they all get VERY hot). If you get your lap serviced every few months you will never fry it up. @vamsiguduru if you are getting your laptop in India consider HP 6165tx and lenovo y570. If buying from abroad, consider only those brands giving international warranty.


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i think that the XPS is all right and works perfectly fine no heat problem is there there must be some fault in the piece of ur friend and if u can extend ur budget to 65k the this is a very nice choice...
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