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Need help in buying a 24 inch and a 32 inch TV


Broken In
Hi Guys,

As topic suggests I want a 24 inch and another 32 inch TV. The budget for 24 inch and 32 inch is 15k and 24k respectively. Those two are separate budgets and can be stretched for 1-2k more. Am not experienced much about ports and stuff but I would want maximum angle viewing(don't know the term for it) as well as If possible playing movies from USB/HDD(If it exists).
Thanks in advance.


Get Micromax 40" TV with warranty of 3years in 25k budget. You can compare it at any big showroom.
For 24 inch I will suggest same strategy.
Get 3years warranty is must as LED tvs are not much reliable these days.
You can consider Toshiba also if available with more warranty.
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