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My specs are fx 6300. Gigabyte 78lmt-usb3. Ram is zion 4gb *2 1600mhz. Amd r9 390. I had strange problem. I couldn't install highly compressed games like that of fitgirl and corepack. Always i got checksum error sort. Also frequent random pc shut down while gaming. I couldn't install fitgirl repacked resident evil 7.but today i removed one ram stick and could install that highly compressed game.i suspect one of my ram is malfunctioning. So should i get a new single 8 gb stick and replace both. Or just throw out the faulty 4gb one and add 8 gb ram of similar specs. Please suggest. My budget is 4k Rupees and i do intensive gaming


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Zion is nt a very good memory module manufacturer anymore so it's better to stop using the faulty module. If it's under warranty then claim it.

Anyway, best would you can go for a single 8GB ram module from brands like Kingston / Corsair. Try to run the new single 8Gb module with your "good" zion ram module. If they are compatible then you have the power of 12GB ram - if they not you don't have much to loose. So, yeah get single 8GB ram module.


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Use memtest

MemTest86 - Download now

Run the test with 1 ram stick at a time for atleast 2 hours each ... see if you get any errors .. this will tell you if ram is bad or not


if you have a budget of 4k,discard your old ram and get a single 8gb module from a renowned brand like Corsair or Gskill.
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