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Need guidance for NAS setup


I want to have a NAS system at home, which i can access data from laptop and desktop, wifi or ethernet.

Please suggest me the required hardware and guide me how it works.
I want to download directly to that NAS from both desktop and laptop, so which type of networking do i have to follow?

Should this NAS be connected to the desktop?


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Your NAS device will connect to the the Wireless Access Point through the LAN (Ethernet Port). Your Wi-Fi device will have an Ethernet port through which you will be able to connect.
If you are using Windows Networking, use CIFS as the protocol if you want a convenient always on share with the NAS device, if you use Linux or any other *nix, NFS would do the equivalent, you may also use FTP/SFTP if you wish. (your device should support these protocols).


I already have a router. Can i use it for this purpose? How about if i use my old desktop with 1 TB drives for this purpose? Need guidance both scenerios.

I have narrowed down to Western Digital My Book World Edition. Has anybody used it?
Infibeams.com seems to offer quite low price. Is the site reliable?

@all: Need clarity with the system. Dont talk in too tech jargon please.


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Two ways of doing this:

1) Get a Wifi router which has a USB port and supports file storage devices. Example: Linksys E3000 Get this and plug in your USB hard disk. People don't really prefer this though.

2) Get NAS bay and connect it to the Ethernet port of your existing router: Linksys NMH300 This has USB ports to accept external hard disk drives and also acts like a 'case' for normal internal hard disks so that you can use them.

Some NAS might come with a BitTorrent client, some might not.

3) What I'll prefer? D-Link Extreme N Storage Router and use an external USB hard disk with this. This thing can download torrents too and also supports 'supported' HSDPA/EVDO USB modems to share internet from them. (http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/networking/134773-learning-about-networking.html)


^Thanks for such a clear reply. I already have a Belkin router but has no USB port in it :(
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