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Need a laptop under 45k


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^ Bro,you r answer is excellent.Im also looking for a lappy in the same range and found the same disadvantages with the clock speed of HP ones..Hope G510 gets rolled out soon :)

the g510 is available at flipkart Lenovo Essential G510 (59-398452) Laptop (4th Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) - Lenovo: Flipkart.com

also local shops dnt have it in display bt said dey cud get it within a day..price 46k at wazirpur lenovo shwroom..

also i noticed that wlan in g510 is ieee 802.11 b/g
whereas hp n-013tx is giving ieee 802.11 b/g/n
i am aware dt 802.11 b/g/n is newer technology ..bt does it matter in indian cotext ??
assuming using wifi at hme,coll,ccd.. etc


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have you seen the performance of 8670m, as there is not much available on the web on it??
BTW the games OP mentioned will easily be playable at high -med settings as of date. FIFA-14 @ ultra GTA @ any settings and any racing game @ high/medium as of date on either of this GPU....

can you explain mre on the subject?
i am luking at 8570m wth i5-4200m vs 740m with 4200u
hw much adv does the 740m have on 8570m..??
will the 8570m ttly fail to play the gpu intensive games current nd 1 year dwn d line??
games planning to play most wanted, grid 2,battleship.. etc
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Lenovo z500 can be a option but you have to sacrifice on certain things for this budget like
1. No 1080p screen but you have to cope up with hd screen.
2.No 8gb ram
3. The games you mentioned can only run in low to med settings.
But still z500 is a good option
Wish you could increase your budget but under this budget z500 is a very good option

Sorry I was a bit busy with exams. I have short listed the following models :

1) https://hpshopping.in/hponlinestore..._Pavilion_15-n012tx_Notebook_PC_(ENERGY_STAR)

2) https://hpshopping.in/hponlinestore..._Pavilion_15-n007ax_Notebook_PC_(ENERGY_STAR)

3) Lenovo Essential G510 (59-398452) Laptop (4th Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) - Lenovo: Flipkart.com

I'm more inclined towards the HP laptops as I'm getting extended warranty free (still open to suggestions). Which HP laptop would you suggest? The AMD one or the one with core i5? I'm confused between which graphic card is better in the specified HP laptops.

Also, I can import the following laptop from Singapore, but I'm confused about the warranty. Can you please help me with that? I'm planning to buy a laptop this Diwali.

Here's the link The Dell Online Store: Build Your System


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Lenovo is least powerful graphic card its performance is somewhat similar to 720m and dell has the best of them all.
If you can get dell it looks good. 750m is a good grapjic card but you have to settle for a 720p screen.
I would say go with Dell.


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I'm ready to go with the Dell but I'm concerned about the warranty as this particular model is not available in india. It basically comes down this

1) Go with dell, get i7 processor and 750m but potentially shaky warranty at around 55k
2) Get the HP with i5, 740m and get 3 yrs warranty at 45k.

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