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Need a Dirt 3 code


Right off the assembly line

I really want to play Dirt 3. So I would apreciate if someone who had an spare Dirt 3 code from AMD shared it with me.
I know that this is begging, but I can try.
Best wishes!


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You should had asked long ago when members got the keys. Now most of them who got multiple keys have already given it someone.


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Yea Vyral was selling.
I guess it better you buy the game.Cause you'll spend nearlly the same amount downloading it(i.e bandwith)


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They must have a database of those codes so they can simply ditch or deactivate them but that would take some time for sure.


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hmm.....we shd def have one for FREE :)

That is OLLLLLDDDDD news. It was long ago. It was patched in 1 day. People who got it for free, got their game removed from their account silently. Nothing comes free these days. Nothing. Some earlier games are the only non steam online playable games, rest all are rock solid secured.
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There were a few people who were banned from Steam for using those leaked keys. Don't risk it.
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