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National Cyber Olympiad

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Yeah Me 2 gave the exam today :D It was very very easy
the answer of apache is that it is the most popular web server software :D
I have solved all the questions correctly (I Checked them just now) :D


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Can anyone please tell me where can i get the question paper for class 11 NCO held yesterday...? Or if anyone can get it (if you also gave the exam)
Thanks a lot.

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@Varad- I'm in 8th.

Our question paper was different.

But the answer is, of course, it's a web server software.
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Just gave the paper for class XI (maths), damn easy. Don't know why I never gave this before.
Did anyone notice the graph question- you had to find the distance b/w 2 marked points, though the scale of the graph was wrong. It said -7 on the y axis but if you count it was actually -8.
Also on the circle with the rectangle, you had to find the area of the shaded region, there was no region selected.
Left both blank. Otherwise I think i got all right.

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Is this thing only for schoolkids? When is it coming next?
National Cyber Olympiad is a nationwide talent search contest to identify and encourage cyber savvy talent amongst school children. It creates awareness about computers by bringing in an element of competition and inspires the younger generation to enhance their knowledge and comprehension of issues related to computers, information technology and to test their aptitude for taking up a career in computers in the future.
This is for students upto 12th Std.


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if do not mind answer this ques:
transfer of message form souece computer to destination computer takes place by passing through how many layers of network ????????


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^^^ Now thats what a pro answers like..

In preliminary round I was 17th in city (Delhi) and 61st in India when I took the exam in 12th standard..

In second round my rank was 144. If you are in second round I must beware you of the maths section. They will test in that very very deeply..

BTW All the best for those who clear it to second round..


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7 layers. APSTNDP

application, presentation, session, transport, network, data link, physical.
I got that correct. You may call an intelligent guess.
Which class are you in ?

One more ques:
IN internet, which wing is responisble for allocating resources ?
3>Inter NIC
4>None of these

I thought it was IAB. Is it correct ?
24th ? WTH ? I forgot to register :(
This would be the only year I write that olympiad as a REAL geek.

When I was in 8th, I stood 109th all India, mainly through the Logical and Analytical reasoning section, my strong point. :D


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Which class are you in ?
Third year computer science engineering. :D This stuff is part of my syllabus. I knew there were 7 layers but we study them in depth out here. And its pretty interesting, too. :)


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i need the answers of the computer section of 8th cyber olympiad for class xi

plz post quickly, i want to know if my answers are correct.......
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