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N-Gage R.I.P

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Nokia's Vice President Corporate Strategy Antti Vasara has reportedly admitted that Nokia's N-Gage was a failure and the company will no more develop new variants of N-Gage.

Surprisingly Nokia intends to still continue producing N-Gage for Indian & Chineese markets.

The N-Gage launched in 2003 could only sell 2 million units as against the projected 6 million. It was developed by a dedicated team referred as the 'tiger team' and was supposedly projected as the future of all games platforms.

He further added that conditions in 2007 will be better for mobile gaming and the present area of interest of the company would be mobile television.

Source: http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/11/25/1821242&from=rss


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N-gage is a good phone, they improved over the models. I've heard of an N-gagw qdi with a camera & dual speakers.
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