[Complaint] My Sony Vaio laptop screen flap & hinge broken..How to claim the Service?Akosha.com a viable option?


I have Sony Vaio E14A Laptop with 3 months of warranty to expire.Couple of days back,my screen flap begins to peel around & the hinge break followed.When I suddenly raised the issue with the Sony Service Centre,they have asked me to pay Rs.7000 to remove the front panel & plastic panel around the screen.

I can't understand why Sony is charging a huge amount to remove the plastic panels.I haven't dropped my Laptop down or mishandled it.I barely even carry around outside & usually it sits at my home.I have asked whether they are replacing the display panel & they said they don't.

I would like to solve the issue very soon & found akosha.com as a viable option.

Before taking that option,I would like to have an opinion about this.Is there any chance that Sony Service accepts my claim through Akosha.com ?

Company Name : Sony India

Product Name : Sony Vaio E14A15FNW

Location :Thiruvananthapuram

Date of Purchase :April,2013

Description of problem : Hinge break & Screen flap peel off.Occured while using normally
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