My configuration plz help me



Right off the assembly line
i forgot to say that my budget is 28K :cool:
and i must take i5-2400 :mrgreen:

i dont about other components
more suggestions friends plz :mrgreen:

i finally fixed to this
processor i5-2400
board intel DH67CL
gfx card GTX 550 ti or AMD HD 6770 ( very BIG confusion here )
corsair (1x4GB) of ram


Right off the assembly line
i am not getting why i3 why not i5 ( i5 is better then i3 know ?)

and what about GTX 550 ti i think that is good one only ?

NOTE: this computer 50% for gaming 50% for animation software development
( maya , 3dx max.....etc )

i think i cant or dont :razz: play much games all the time ,its like ( 1o days in 1 month )

i am in holidays now after i complete my holidays again college .....blah blah :cry: i want to enjoy my life a lot :mrgreen:

thinking about feture and i decided to this confi
GTX 550 ti still in confuse :oops:

show me the best way plz :mrgreen:


Right off the assembly line
^^ :facepalm:
He already filled it.

Go for this :
Intel DH67CL @ 5.2k
Intel Core i3 2100 @ 6k
AMD HD 6790 @ 8k
Corsair CX430V2 @ 2.2k
Corsair Value select 4 gb DDR3 1333 MHz @ 1.1k

5.2+6+8+2.2+1.1 = 22.5 i cant spend up to 28K

can u again better confi :mrgreen:


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Replace the i3 2100 with i5 2400, that'll bring the price around 26k. If you wanna spend a bit more than get HD 6850 for 8.5k. This'll bring the cost to around 27k.
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