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My Apple G5 experience !

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TE God
One fine saturday afternoon, i called on my extremely wealthy geeky freind. (whose personal config is : AMD Athlon 64FX, 4GB ECC DDR RAM, 9800XT, 17" LCD and lots more worth 1.2 lakh !)

He told me that is father wanted to buy a PC. In this house money is no issue. He had suggested the P4EE as it was very fast, but his dad told him he didn't wan't windows. Now he wanted the PC for purely leisure purposes and nothing high end at all. But he wanted a fast one ! OK I thought. No windows means Linux. However his father is a rather soft-spoken gentleman and I thought that if he saw the Linux terminal window and all its other applications he might faint.

I returned home and opened Digit (Aug. 04 Pg. 80 to be precise) I saw the G5 review. Perfect ! No windows and very very fast. I told my freind.
He told his dad who instantly agreed.

It arrived last week. I was invited for the installation ceremony. The guys from Apple were there. My freind already owns a 30GB iPod. His dad has a IBM wireless notebook. So he asked them to set up a wi-fi network around the house !

Finally they opened the box. A silver cabinet emerged with a huge huge 21" LCD. The connections were made and I could feel the adrenaline flowing through my body. The mains were switched on and the machine hummed to life. The display is gorgeous. Mac OS 10.3 loaded and the GUI is terrific. You have to see it to believe it. Everything was set and we connected to the net. The system is fast. Really fast (with dual IBM Power PC 2Ghz CPU's it has to be) i went home at 10:30. But i coudn't sleep till 4AM. My last wish was "if only it would run win xp and i could play half-life 2 on it !!!"


Ask him the cost, besides, MacOS X is optimized for PowerPC architecture so it runs fast, Windows XP can't be optimized for a single CPU as we have manu X86 CPUs in the market, AMD architecture, Intel Architecture, Transmata Architecture, so U can never make Windows fast like MacOS X cos if that was done, U will be hving

Windows XP Home Edition for Intel P4
Windows XP Home Edition for Intel P4 Prescott
Windows XP Home Edition for Intel CeleronD
Windows XP Home Edition for Intel AMD/AMD64

which is impossible due to marketing, this is the reason Apple isn't releasing MacOS X for X86, if they do they will loose 70% of the money from a single Mac, a Mac costs 2 times the cost of a PC, in $ 1,000 U can get a preety ood system, which will run Doom3 at High Settings, but the cheapest & decentest Mac sosts $1,800, they are highly over priced & Monitor costs seperately


King of my own Castle
OK Down to Lovely Earth.... How much did the G5 cost your good old Friend..
And moreever....I think though slow he can Run Virtual PC on MacOX...bet it will be fast on his pc and will be able to play DOOM 3 too...
Wish i were in your place to see it...no no no on second though wish i were in his place ..hey :oops:


TE God
the G5 retails for 2.25 lakh plus a 21" cinematic display for around 75k and a microsoft (yes microsoft) wireless combo for 7,500.
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