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Moving the System Partition


Broken In
Hi all,

When I recently installed Windows 7 on my new build, I made the mistake of having my storage HDD hooked up and Windows created the System Partition on it, instead of the C drive. The System Partition contains the boot info, so you need it to load Windows. I didn't like having the system partition on the storage drive, so after doing a little research, I discovered there is a method to move to system partition to the C drive and it worked for me.

1) You need to have your Windows DVD, or create a system repair disk, which you can do in the control panel window under "backup or restore your files".
2) Then you need to create a new 100 Mb partition on your C drive. I created one at the back of the drive and formatted it NTFS. I labeled it "System Folder" but didn't assign it a drive letter.
3) Once the new partition is created, you need to right click on it and then click on "mark the partition as active".
4) When that is done, shut down the computer and remove the cable from the storage HDD.
5) Then reboot the computer using either the Windows 7 DVD, or the system repair disk in the DVD drive.
6) Once the program has loaded, choose the "Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows" option and click "next". On the menu that opens click on "Startup Repair" and windows will then save the boot info in the system partition you have created.
7) Restart your computer and Windows should load normally. I checked to make sure it did, before re-connecting the storage HDD.
8) Once the storage HDD is back online, you can then delete the system partition on that drive and resize the partition to use that space.


well, post screenshots of gparted, or equivalent windows utility (gparted is preferred)
see? this is why windows sucks.

also, why not just delete the storage disk partition and make a normal install on the system disk?
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