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This thread is dedicated to all Motorola SLVR series (L2, L6, L6i, L7 and L7e) users. Discuss your views, suggestions, share your knowledge and help your fellow SLVR owners.


i m using L6 from last six months the only good thing abt slvr series is they look awesome. MOTO always thinks abt looks not abt functionality i mean for 5k cell u will get FM for higher range u will Get only MP3 player ( with non expandable mem) what the hell u r gonna do with MP3 player that has "10 MB " memory??

L6i is better than L6 atleast it has got FM ...........


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well this topic was sleeping so i thought of waking it up
by the way ..can L7 made to support fm with any extra accessory for features...
i really found this lacking in L7


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where can i get good themes for moto L7 by the way what is l7 normally called slvr..
i didnt found it listed in most themes sites
Hi Friends,
I have a new Motorola L6. There is no inbuilt GPRS settings for Hutch GPRS in my phone. Is there anyone who uses GPRS on his/her any Motorola phone than please give me all the settings of GPRS.
Crazy Kidd

Crazy Kidd

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Thats strange. Its probably from grey market or from abroad. However here are the settings.

Name: Hutch GPRS


Service Type 1:WAP

Proxy 1:

Port 1: 9201

Domain 1: <Blank>

Service Type 2: WAP

Proxy 2: <Blank>

Port 2: 0

Domain 2: <Blank>

DNS 1:

DNS 2:

Timeout: 10 minutes

CSD No. 1: <Blank>

User Name 1: <Blank>

Password 1: <Blank>

Speed (Bps) 1: 9600

Line Type 1: ISDN

CSD No. 2: <Blank>

User Name 2: <Blank>

Password 2: <Blank>

Speed (Bps) 2: 9600

Line Type 2: ISDN

GPRS APN: portalnmms

User Name: <Blank>

Password: <Blank>

Note that this is the default settings provided in the phone and I haven't tested them. So no guarantee they will work. For correct settings or more assistance call Hutch Customer Care. :) :) :)
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