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MOTO G VS Huawei Honor 3C.................


Right off the assembly line
Has anyone heard about Huawei Honor 3C?I am confused between Huawei Honor 3C and Moto G...Huawei Honor 3C has better camera and 2gb ram.....So which one should i buy??


Freshly Churned Chutny :)
The Huawei Honor 3c costs ~ ₹14,500(for 8GB ROM and 2GB RAM) , while the Moto G offers (16GB and 1GB RAM) for ₹14,000.
Yeah, same doubt here. The Huawei seems great overall, also heard great reviews, No1 selling phone in China, and is so much value for money.
But unsure of whether it is overall a better choice than the Moto G.
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