Motherboard Died :( Need Advice


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Hi Digitiians,

My MB dated 2005 recently died after 8 years of companionship.
Motherboard Specifications, PTGD1-LA (Goldfish) | HP® Support
His name was PTGD1-LA (Goldfish) and it supported Pentium 4 515 Prescott processor.

So what should I do next? I need advice whether to go for similar kind of MB supporting the existing processor or to buy new MB+Processor pair altogether. What would be the best bet considering that this system I need for lite processing like office documents, programming c++ visual studio, multimedia, internet.



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Budget is sub 5K.
Asked a local vendor. He is suggesting a Chinese Mobo from Lords Electronics @ 2800 which will support my existing processor + Rs. 1000 for 2 GB DDR3 Ram.


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Or you could get Intel Atom/ AMD E350 Proc + Motherboard combos for less than 5k + 1.2k for 2GB DDR3 RAM. Should cost you a max of 6k. Your existing power supply should be enough.


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if you can extend a bit , get either pentium g2010/g2020/g530(cheapst available at your dealer ) along with a cheap h61 based mobo. One gigabyte mobo is available at rs 2950 in flipkart and 2 gb ddr3 ram.
if you cant extend, then get a cheap lga775 based mobo from your dealer(dont go for chinese stuff for rs 2800.) along with supported ram(ddr2 or ddr3 based on mobo.) and upgrade later when you have enough money.
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I bought the chinese mobo and 2 gb ram @ 3800 which is supporting existing processor. But after installing all that my CPU fan is running non stop at full speed. Don't know what is the cause. Dealer has agreed to take back the mobo if not satisfied with the performance. So no problem to return this chinese mobo.
@rijinpk1: Me also thinking in the same line about H61 based mobo as this p4 single core processor is now outdated.
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Recent digit also recommended G840 for basic rig which would cost 4K+.
Also the Biostar H61 MOBO will be costing 3.8K
BIostar H61MH Online Price in India, Specifications, Reviews, Features : Motherboards - Compare India
I think my existing PSU will also have to replaced which would cost 2K+
And 2GB DDR3- 1K
So all in all it would be ~11K.
Also would be asking if existing PSU, Processor and 1 GB DDR RAM can be sold.
For 10K is it worth with above config or should I look into AMD which is not as much costly as intel?
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