Motherboard and PSU problem


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Hi everyone,

I bought Asus h97 pro gamer and already had seasonic 620, the motherboard power led keeps on blinking when I use this psu with the motherboard, I tried with lesser power psu which is 450 watts it's working fine .... I want to know does seasonic 620 is not compatible or which PSU I should use for this motherboard

Please help me on this ....


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should just work fine just disable C6/C7 in bios or plug in a fan on the molex of psu :3

but seasonic should also just work fine with that system if there is still issue just rma the psu
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Thank you acepro71. My PSU was the culprit. I tried it with another motherboard, faced the same issue.

I have applied for RMA. :)

Thank you so much.....
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