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mobo,ram,pci-e card,Monitor,smps,dvd-rom,ups,TV-T for AMD64

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hii guyz
well i hav AMD64 (939) proc and i wanna upgrade it as i'll b going for a gud pci-e card so wanna chage mobo and few other thins so need suggestion.b4 i thought of going for a Intel platform wid 955mobo and lga-775 1000fsb proc but its not available and will take time and i wanna upgrade it wid in a week.hav been waitin for it since long but now i cant so instead of intel i'll stick wid my AMD.so gud mobo for it,any 19''inch CRT monitor(black) if not black then i'll b going for 17''inch samsung Magic brite2 moni.will buy 160gb sata seagate hhd.lite-on or sony dvd-rom.which ram?i want 400mhz ram which is the best brand wid price plz?pci-e card?leadtek 6600gt 128mb or gainward 6600gt 128mb?or any other option?i need a smps which shud not b more then 2k.which 600VA UPS is gud which shud not be more then 2.2k,i eva want a tv-tuner card and if possible then external will b betta how which it will cost me,brand? for all this thins my budget is 47k.


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man plz make a final decision. u r very confusing. sometimes u want intel , sometimes u want amd. plz make up ur mind buddy. stop getting confused.

ur current procc is good enough. keep it.
buy the following,

Asus A8N-E mobo - around 8500/-
Kingston/Corsair 256*2 ddr 400 mhz - 3400/-
17" Samsung MB2 - 8500/- (no 19 inch black monitors available frm samsung )
19" Philips - 12,000/-
Seagate 160 GB SATA N.C.Q - 4,000/-
Asus / Liteon DVD ROM - 1600/-
Leadtek Winfast 6600 gt extreme 128 mb ddr3 pci-e - 11,500/-
Powersafe 400 W Gold plated - 1500/-
Numeric 600VA UPS - 2,050/-
Pinnacle PCTV USB - 2100/-

Total = 46,650/-
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