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I know that I've already posted this in the ~10k mobile thread but I havn't received any replies there and I need to buy the phone ASAP.
Hi people, my father needs a phone for his department for use in conferences etc.

1. Budget?10k (12k max)
2. Display type and size? doesn't matter.
3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? preferably bar due to its durability
4. Preferred choice of brand? blackberry,nokia
5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type).qwerty or touchscreen or both (not numpad)
6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus, front facing camera. doesn't matter
7. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc).Non-android required (bbOS/Symbian/Windows Phone)
8. Preferred connectivity options (3G, Wifi etc)Please specify clearly. WiFi and 3G both required
9. Preferred applications (Flash, Swype, GPS, etc)? nothing much
10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails, internet, gaming etc)? checking mails, presentations, messaging 100s of contacts. Was looking for a phone that allows thousands of contacts to be stored, sorted in groups (same people can be in multiple groups) and messaged.
11. Any specific mobile phones in consideration? was thinking of blackberry phones due to the requirements. Willing to look at nokia too if the build quality of the phone is good and it offers these features.
12. Any other info that you want to share
It will be under very rough use. Most likely a case/cover will be used but do suggest a very rugged phone. Also, expandable storage preferred but not required (willing to look at lumia).

Need to buy it ASAP.


You should consider Android and get the Motorola DEFY ...

All your Smartphone needs will be fulfilled better with the 3.7" 854x480 screen and the phone is tough as nails.

1 Should get it in 12k
2 3.7" Large display
3 Bar Form Factor
4 Brand: Motorola
5 Touch Screen input.
6 5mp Camera
7 Android - Its better with regards to your usage.
8 3G + Wifi
9 You get good set of productivity apps and browsers.
10 Good contact managers + Messaging apps.. default contact manager will also suffice.
11 Moto DEFY
12 MOTO DEFY .. definetly.

think it over.


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^Doesn't match with the OP's requirements at all.

@SlashDK : I would suggest Nokia E5 or Nokia E6. I know these are bit old models now but they do satisfy most of your requirements.


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I was overruled. They're getting a galaxy ace because the staff is familiar with android. My primary reason for not going for android was it being the only OS with widespread malware.
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If that's true then its the only OS where you have access to the full source code thus a lot more safe.

If you stick to the Android market then you can stay worry free.

If you are paranoid then compile your own ROM. :)


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By malware, I think you mean rouge apps. As long as install apps from play store and don't install pirated apps you will be fine.


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^^ Some time back, there were a few malware apps on the play store. So you can never be too sure.
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