Million-dollar diamond cell phone

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Diamond Cypto Smartphone Project was about creating the most intelligent cell phone all blingized.

It is encrusted with blue diamonds all around the front bezel (fifty or more in all). It’s also covered in platinum and a variety of jewels...

shd be good...ehh !? ;-)


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Have you guys heard of Vertu. Its a division of Nokia. They have phone which is considered as the costliest and one of the most exclusive phone.

Checkout their site

Here are some of its unique features

;-) You need to use a special screwdriver, included in the kit, to insert a SIM-card.

:) There are no animated icons and all the pictures are static.

:) There also no such features as voice dial, dictaphone, IrDA or GPRS.

And Costs more than 1.64 crore rupees
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