Michael.. What happend to your face...

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Just when i was googleing to get some pics of Michael for album art purpose, I was astonished, what happend to michael's face...

See the difference

long ago...



recent years...





You all people are wrong ..
He was suffering from vitiligo universalis disease


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^ And he also had plastic surgery. His face started becoming disfigured because of the side-effects. :|


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May be you can have a look at this - Link

Not sure whether it is all true, but worth reading.


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I felt sorry for Michael, when i saw his mini biography. I asked the same question i've posted here to a rhythm & bass, Hip-Hop fan and a Die hard fan of Michael Jackson and also my classmate. He said the he read a book and showed me that book in which Michael's interview was printed..many questions have been asked about his changes in his face... He replied..

Interviewer: What are your comments about the rumors that you have bleached your skin to become a white?

MJ: I have heard this rumor many times and thought it might end. But the people seem to be so concerned about my color.I was born in a American black family.I Am proud to be born as a black and I always will be(he was broking into tears when he said this). I want to be a American black till i die. But i have a strange decease called Vitiligo.And the doctors were not able to stop this decease, as the pigment in my skin cells is not responding to their medicines.

Interviewer: What about the people saying that you have had numerous amount of plastic surgeries to your Nose, cheekbones, lip thinning, forehead straighting?

MJ: Plastic Surgeries has only conducted Twice on me. I don't want to reveal the parts. But i have never undergone to surgery for my Forehead, lips and cheekbones.

When i completed reading it, I felt sorry for MJ. I have been thinking that he was trying to bleach his face. Sorry MJ...

And the above lines are not as is. I've done my best to re remember what I've read in the college.

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Many people said that he himself intended to change his skin color, and had purposely did the plastic surgery, but who knows, the truth is i liked the old Michael and now he's no more, just RIP MJ... :(
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