MCA related question- NIT trichy AGE limit ??


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Hello Digitians !

I am 25 years old and thinking of joining BCA from IGNOU this year.

By the time i complete my bca i would be around 28-29 years old ..

The next step would be NIMCET and aim for NIT Trichy

My question is

1) Will age be a big problem ? i tried to search and see if there is any age limit in NIMCET/NIT Trichy but i couldn't find anything on that from the official site . While most unofficial responses on other sites were that there is no age limit .

So if i manage to get good percentage in BCA and good rank in NIMCET will i be denied admission into NIT Trichy based on my age and no work ex realistically speaking ?

average marks in 10th and 12th - 81/83 %

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I gave NIMCET in 2011 and there was no age restriction, but I think the individual NITs had their own age limits. Not sure though. Check NIT Trichy's curriculum for MCA for details, you might find it there.
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