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Hello friends....
Few days before i m finished with my GRE exam and simultaneously i started searching US universites which have good program in Computer Science. But later on i came to know about Master in software engineering which i found very much interesting. As i started searching it deeper i came to know that there are very few good ranked universities which have such curriculam in SE i.e CMU, Stanford, minnesota. They all need very good profile to get in.... rest universities of this course are of 50++ rank. Then wht should i do??????
### Choose MSCS and then do my major in SE Or Go for these low ranked universities.


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Well, it depends on you, doesn't it? If you have good scores at university, high enough GRE & TOEFL scores, a good SOP & LORs, and can arrange for like 5,000,000 bucks, you should apply to the top universities. If you aren't up to the mark, go for the low grade universities.

BTW, CMU is not so tough to get into :)


Right off the assembly line
I am also applying for computer courses in USA:arrow: but as a undergraduate i have taken SAT and TOEFL got an average sat score and currently studying for retaking and improving test scores.:pIn USA computer science refers to software engineering while computer engineering implies computer hardware related courses.
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