Low End Macbook vs Mid End Laptops


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What would you tech geeks go for? Mid end Laptops of Dell/HP/Lenovo/Samsung or Low end Macbook Air like this one


Not a simple comparison as Apple has a very small line of products and they optimize the OS according to the device. So low spec.s do not necessarily mean low performance (in a reasonable limit, of course).


fill this up: *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/laptops-netbooks/156722-questionnaire-laptop-notebook-purchase.html

Personally, i'd increase my budget go with Lenovo Y 510p or a custom built Clevo/Sager/MSI gaming laptop.


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no for mac, my friend has a macbook pro 17 - 2008 and got a quote for 50k to repair it just for a capacitor problem whereas my vaio cr had the same problem and is roughly the same age but i got it repaired for 2k :D
turns out logic board problems are common along with battery issues in most macbooks
i have a first gen mac pro xeon but its apparently "outdated" according to apple,i now run elementary os on it in bootcamp


Make up your mind. If you want to game on any kind of serious level, don't get a mac. I mean never. Low end Macs aren't gaming machines, no matter what people say.
And if your sole purpose is gaming, build a desktop, there's nothing like playing games on 29" FHD display on Ultra settings. You can never go wrong with a desktop, so in a sense basically you are overpaying lenovo for fancy led lights and carbon fiber body, if you just want a machine that can play games.
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