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Looking for a budget FHD monitor


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Hi Guys,

Finally my decade old crt is dying on me. Display weirdly goes black/blank at any point and comes back if monitor is restarted.

I am now planning to buy a new monitor, need a budget FHD monitor. Looks don't matter. What I want is a good quality, VFM 19" monitor. This will be used mostly for everyday browsing and watching FHD movies.

Suggest me some monitor which has a balance of good quality and is cheaper on pocket :)
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Usually most 19/20" monitors don't support 1080p-if you want FHD,then you should get atleast a 22" monitor from Dell/Samsung etc.

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+1 for dell also check benq one
Dunno the model number.. too lazy to post that :p

Its not advisable to go for benq as their after-sales service may not be upto the mark.
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