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LINUX SUSE 10 troubleshoot!!!!!!!

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Dear friends,
i am running Foresaid OS and due to frequent powercuts my pc gets teribly affected.
actually now i am unable to logon to linux
Bootscreen appears and some(usual) configuration takes place and then my pc reboots.
I am NEWBIE as far as Linux is concerned
how do i solve this problem.


Cyborg Agent
It's unable to solve your problem without specifying the problem completely. Would you mind posting the error message ?

You can also try logging into runlevel 3 and do a startx from there. for that press the key 'e' while on the linux entry on grub and append ' 3' to the line which starts with kernel. Then press enter twice.

And please post all your gnu/linux related queries in "Open Source" section only for better attention and replies.


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do u have a live cd like gnoppix with U.then jus booot with it and check fix ur filesystem.
sarge:~#  fsck.reiserfs /dev/hdx


Wise Old Owl
I think you better buy a ups....

Use a live cd as prakash said... mount your linux partition and chroot into it.

Satissh S

umm. please post the error message.. BTW u told me that the thing reboots.. did u get a kernel panic sort of thingy?? did u??
As prakash said open up a livecd and execute fsck.reiserfs . post back :|



i repaired the installation using the DVD.
now its working fine

Tnx to all of u for ur efforts.
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