Linux Definition?

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Hmm..........How do u Define Linux in ur way........what Do u fell abt the philosophy of GNU in ur own words?

Heres a link to Urban DIctionary..that gave many definations

Some Seemed funny to me:D

At first Linux seemed to be Free Beer by defination .......after watching the movie Revolutionary OS.......I understood its abt Freedom,cooperation and lots of things
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Re: Linux Defination?

Moved to Opensource, remember Linux..OSS..section..

And it's Free as in Beer lol, not Bear, but again you seem to from the land of Pandas and stuff ;)

And to check out more hilarious descriptions of anything you can think of, visit
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Linux,in a true sense, is just a kernel, isnt it? While many different packages(softwares) are combined to make a Linux Distro.
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