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Lg led cinema 3d tv 32lm3410 ?


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Hello every body , This will be the First time i will be purchasing a 3d Led tv. currently i am using a big old ,fat and flat 29 inch Crt Tv ,So my expectations are pretty High.All i am Looking for a Good LED 3D TV under 35 K strict budget . it should be LED + 3D .

After a Lot of local and online research i have finalized for LG 32LM3410 Cinema 3d 32 inch

Post Your opinion :)

If You think there are Any Better LED + 3d Tv in your eyes under 35K then Please Share
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Samsung 32EH6030 was available for 37k easily everywhere sometime back, check out its price and see how it is.

Lalit Kishore

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Honestly, please don't buy a 3D TV in a 32 inch screen size because you wouldn't really enjoy 3D effects unless and until you decide to sit really glued to the TV!

But yes, LM3410 is a decent model and its passive 3D is similar to the 3D we watch in theaters.
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