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  1. pacificb0y

    Lg led cinema 3d tv 32lm3410 ?

    Hello every body , This will be the First time i will be purchasing a 3d Led tv. currently i am using a big old ,fat and flat 29 inch Crt Tv ,So my expectations are pretty High.All i am Looking for a Good LED 3D TV under 35 K strict budget . it should be LED + 3D . After a Lot of local and...
  2. I

    Need HELP - Buying HDMI Cable

    Budget:- Below 1k T.V :- Experience the Smartest 3D TV LG 55LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV, LED LCD TV - Full HD 1080p Cinema 3D Smart TV - LG Electronics IN Wanna connect it to T.V via laptop or PC. Ethernet Support:- Only if it fits in my price. Length:- Min. 3Mtr Should be HDMI 1.4v
  3. Sam22

    Do we get dual play glasses along with cinema 3d TV?

    I read on web that LG is giving 6 pairs of passive 3d glasses along with their cinema 3d TVs, what about dual play glasses? We have to buy them separately or they are also coming with TV?
  4. A

    Cinema Screen design in LG TV

    LG are calling their new range of TVs as having Cinema Screen design? What exactly is a cinema screen and does it mean better picture quality or viewing experience?
  5. sygeek

    "Piracy made me popular", Anurag Kashyap

    Piracy made me popular: Anurag Kashyap We finally have someone who understands.
  6. maverick786us

    Apple Cinema display 27

    How much is the cost of Apple Cinema Display 27 in local market Delhi? Does apple also provides a refurbished version of Cinema display 27?
  7. T

    New 46" led tv???

    Pals in Diwali vac. M goin to Dubai and needed to buy a new led tv. So needed info which 1 is the best vs value for money tv that I can opt for..... I like the new cinema 3d feature of lg but like the samsung display very much. Sony is ok. Needed some good suggestions Thanx Angel
  8. W

    My 3d Designing by Cinema 4D

    hi every body here i want tell you about what i have designed by Cinema 4d it is 3d program i'm waiting your openion about it visit here http://shadi-mydesigns.blogspot.com/
  9. vamsi_krishna

    The Biggest/silly lie you've ever told...

    Every human would have lied in some stage of his life. Just tell here, what do you think that it is the biggest/silly lie you've ever told... When it comes to me.... The biggest is... When my mother asked me "Have you been to you college" i replied yes. But i've been to "Cinema" That day.
  10. vivekrules

    Help !!!!!!!!!!! Plz Help !

    Hello Friends... I Want Your Help For My Cinema.... I Have A Cinema Of 267 Siting Arrangement... Its Not A Multiplex .. its just a Single Cinema Hall.... And The Things Is In Our Town There Is Only One Cinema !..... Wel.. It Was The Introduction Of The Cinema..... The Help I Want From You...
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