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This thread is for all the users of z510

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1)theserpent :p
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The beauty <3


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Nice. I am thinking about getting this. Hope you don't mind my questions.
How heated does it become when you play games on it? How is the battery life while browsing the web? Also, how was the process upgrading to Windows 8.1? Did you have any issues there?


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1. Yes it heats up on playing heavy games. Reaches 85-90C for CPU on a bed/cushion type. GPU remains cool and is under 80C usually
Try keeping it on a flat table like surface.

2. Battery life is about 3-4 hrs on High performance mode will full brightness. Its ok for me though

3. Z510 ships with preloaded Windows 8.1 Single Language so no need to worry about the upgrading process.


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Can u comment on the quality of the display. I saw this model in a mall and i felt the display was very dim even with maximum brightness. Also how is the viewing angles..?


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Display yeah a bit more brightness was expected but is okok

Viewing angles is a bit bad i.e. game graphics look black from incorrect angles.


Allllright !
My Z510 was delivered on the 18th.
I will post a review next time, kinda busy now.

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