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Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!


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Please any body tell me what is the lowest price of samsung 30gb or 40gb external usb hard disk or any other company external hard disk with lowest price in Nehru Place in new delhi.
I shall be thanks full to you for your kind information
With thanks


Right off the assembly line
plz ge me the price of these in pune..................

amd 64 3200+
msi or asus motherboard with nforce4/sli chipset
80 gb seagate
512/1gb ram corsair or transend or kingston.
benq/liteon dual layer dvd writer
creative 5.1 inspire
compro tv tuner card

plz also i would like to know where the dist is located in pune



As i have gone through all the posts, i have come across a bit or to say nothing on the RATES if DDR2 memories. can anyone help me out to get the price list of all the DDR2 RAM modules (any company) as i am on to configuring my own computer and needs to have an estimate.



Re: plz ge me the price of these in pune..................

buddyvinz said:
y u guyz r usin my logo i dont no
the logo more than u is being more related to darklord :lol: SORRY but it suits to his name .


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suave_guy said:
Hello forum users,

I've seen lots of threads and posts where users keep asking for latest hardware prices and quotes according to their specifications and requirements....

So, for their convenience and keeping the need for a clean and well maintained forum in mind, i've decided to start a new thread for the above mentioned topic..

Here, users can feel free to ask for latest prices of the hardware(s) or peripheral(s) they are looking for, fitting their needs and requirements..

I hope this thread will serve its purpose....

ENjoy :)

HI buddy i recently bought FX 5700le graphic card for Rs.3500/-
Is the price alright. In market how much is it for????


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@loo_31 : my friend recently brought a GeForce 6200 128mb 64bit mem. agp8x card for 3800 bucks .......

he's playing doom3 at 800x600,2x aa,high quality and is still managing over 40fps .....


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Configuration needed....

Hi guys,

I want to buy a new rig. I already have the following - Optical drive , Hard disk , Floppy drive , Monitor , Keyboard , mouse. I need to upgrade the graphics card , motherboard , Processor and RAM and of course the cabinet and SMPS. My job involves a lot of A/V encoding, format conversions for audio and video, graphics renderings and stuff. But the budget should not cross 28 - 30K.

I had decided on the following - An AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor, 512 MB of DDR 400 RAM from Transcend. But am still undecided about the graphics card and motherboard. Someone suggest me a good motherboard with upgrade options - one that would last me atleast the next 3 years.

Aparajith .S


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mobo : Winfast NF4K8MC

graphics card : atleast a GeForce 6600GT 128mb or a Radeon X800 256mb .... but these wont last for 3 years !!!.... for that u'll need a 7800GTX ........


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So how much will ur mobo cost and is it available at Chennai. No problem about the graphics card. I can keep on upgrading it. Only thing is that my mobo should support it. By the way kindly keep a watch over the price - SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30K. Maybe I can go in for an upgrade for the graphics card again. But I now want the budget within 30K

Aparajith .S


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Hi Guys,

The Winfast mobo suggested is not available at Chennai. :( Only MSI and ASUS are readily available. So can someone tell me which is the best mobo of the following or any other good mobo. I do not want an SLI rig, but one that is PCIe based ,has enough upgrade options, is an nForce4 chipset, and has enough overclocking options.

MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
Asus A8N-E

Aparajith .S


hi everyone
my configuration is:
p-4 2.26 ghz
128mb ddr ram(266mhz)
intel 845,32mb chipset(no agp slot)

pls suggest me some upgradation so that i can have a graphic card(to play games like POP series , splinter cell series, HL2, doom3 and the same) without changing the processor.

budget - 8k to 9k.

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